Zach Jensen

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"We make every effort to meet with everyone we insure at least once a year to review their coverages and to talk about changes that they may need."

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If you like dealing with people and helping them solve their problems, being in the insurance business is a pretty good place to be. That’s what Zach Jensen thought in 2003, when he decided to join the Jensen Agency as the 4th generation Jensen to help people in the Beresford area better protect their families and properties.

“When I finished my Ag Business degree at SDSU in 2003, there weren’t any schools around for training in the insurance business except for a new program that was starting up at SouthEast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls,” says Zach. “I decided I could learn more from joining the Agency, which at the time had been in the insurance business for nearly 60 years, rather than a program that was just getting off the ground.”

Zach’s great-grandfather, Victor, founded the Jensen Agency in 1944; his grandfather, Lyle, joined the business in 1949; and his father, Mark, became a Jensen Insurance and Real Estate agent in 1975. If there is any truth to the saying, “success breeds success,” then it not a big stretch of the imagination to think that “successful” insurance agents do likewise. Now, with 7 years of experience under his belt, that axiom seems to hold true.

As an integral part of a long-time family business, Zach has been well schooled in the importance of being a good agent. “We make every effort to meet with everyone we insure at least once a year to review their coverages and to talk about changes that they may need to be done,” says Zach. Zach points out that during those conversations, many times issues come up that have been overlooked by the customer. “Like someone buys a new boat. They’re all excited about it and can’t wait to get out on the water right away with their friends. Many times in the excitement, making sure it is properly insured gets overlooked, which could result in a very costly mistake. So, in conversation we can pick up on things to help protect them with what they need.”

Zach enjoys working with businesses needing commercial insurance. Says Zach, “It’s difficult for a business to know how much liability protection they need, whereas with property you have a tangible item that can be replaced. We can look up the replacement value. When it comes to liability, the exposure is less obvious. In today’s “sue-happy” society, a business needs to know how to keep themselves well-protected. I enjoy helping educate people and assisting them to make sure they have adequate protection.”  As a young insurance professional, Zach is well aware of the benefits that new technologies bring to the insurance business and is helping to make sure that the Jensen Agency takes full advantage of what’s available. “We have access to software and equipment to identify replacement costs accurately. When individuals buy new homes, we can make sure they are adequately protected for what they need.”

Zach and his wife Amanda (a nurse at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls) were married in June, 2008.  They have four children, Boston, McCoy, Wrenley and Mila. Both Zach and Amanda enjoy fishing. Zach is also an avid hunter and enjoys golf.