Life Insurance

Important Things to Consider When Shopping for Life Insurance
  1. Review your own insurance needs and circumstances.  Choose the kind of policy that has benefits that most closely fit your needs.  Ask an agent or company to help you.
  2. Be sure that you can handle premium payments.  Can you afford the initial premium?  If the premium increases later and you still need insurance, can you still afford it?
  3. Don't sign an insurance application until you review it carefully to be sure all the answers are complete and accurate.
  4. Don't buy life insurance unless you intend to stick with your plan.  It may be very costly if you quit during the early years of the policy.
  5. Don't drop one policy and buy another without a thorough study of the new policy and the one you have now.  Replacing your insurance may be costly.
  6. Read you policy carefully.  Ask your agent or company about anything that is not clear to you.
  7. Review your life insurance program with your agent or company every few years to keep up with changes in your income and your needs.


    For a complete guide to help you when you shop for life insurance click here for the Life Insurance Buyer's Guide prepared by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.