Jensen Insurance Agency: Sioux Falls

6009-Bldg 400

Jensen Insurance Agency
6009 W. 41st St. - Suite 1B - 
Sioux Falls

In August, 2013 the Jensen Insurance and Real Estate Agency of Beresford opened a branch office in Sioux Falls to provide insurance services to our expanding customer base located there. Ryan Bak is our agent operating out the 6009 W. 41st St. - Suite 1B which is known as the Jensen Insurance Agency.

JIAlogo 230Ryan has a keen understanding of the needs of people in South Dakota and plans to bring the stability and experience of the Jensen Agency, along with a small town understanding of service, to the larger community of Sioux Falls. Says Bak, “After meeting countless people in the Sioux Falls area, and visiting with them about their insurance needs, I was amazed to hear how many people don’t even know who their agents are or when was the last time they talked to them.” He adds , “At the Jensen Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves upon giving every customer the proper attention and service that they deserve.” 

It is our expectation that our new facilities will allow us to better serve our customers and reflects our growing commitment to providing for the insurance needs of our community today and for years to come.




Privacy Policy

This notice describes the privacy practices and standards we have adopted to protect and ensure the confidentiality of your non-public personal information.


Contact Info

Jensen Insurance and Real Estate

307 Nth 16th St.
Beresford, S.D. 57004

Phone:  605-763-2675
Toll Free: 1-800-658-3539
Fax:  605-763-5208

Jensen Insurance Agency

3701 W. 49th St. - Ste. 201

Sioux Falls, SD, 57106

Phone:  605/361-6642

Jensen Insurance Agency

101 N. Green, Suite A
Elk Point, SD 57025

Phone:  605/356-2037

Fax:  605/356-2170

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